Sustainable recycling

Sustainable recycling

At Kuusakoski, we believe in sustainable recycling. As stated in our mission, we want to restore the value of waste materials by processing them into new, valuable raw materials. We want to play our part in climate change mitigation and solving other sustainable development challenges. We want to be a part of the solution and help our customers on their path towards more sustainable business operations.

300 000
Kuusakoski’s operations prevented 737,977 tonnes of CO2e in Finland (in 2020). This amount corresponds to the annual emissions of around 300,000 passenger cars.

For us, sustainable business means recycling services that are based on stable and transparent business operations in which both people and the environment are considered. Compliance is the key to a strong foundation: we always follow legislation, rules and regulation in our operations. Sustainability also means that we do more than the law requires of us.

Each Kuusakoski employee is expected to act according to our code of conduct, which guides our sustainability operations. We also expect our partners to comply with this code of conduct.

For our business operations and strategic goals, the most relevant sustainability aspects are proactive partnership with customers, material and energy efficiency, and occupational safety and well-being of employees. Our corporate sustainability programme is used to manage and monitor our operations.

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In the Työvire employee satisfaction survey in Finland (in 2020), employees gave Kuusakoski top points for doing meaningful work.

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